Cortisolmanager - Testimonial

"I was advised to purchase this product at my acupuncturist's to help with insomnia and stress. The first day I took it I fell asleep quickly and woke up well rested and not groggy. I also notice a difference in my ability to react to everyday stress throughout my day- I don't constantly feel stressed to the breaking point the way I used to. I definitely noticed a difference when I ran out of these. I highly recommend this product, it is a safe natural alternative to sleeping pills and anti-anxiety meds."

- By Amber G. on December 16, 2010


"After having slept about four hours a night for years now, suddenly I am sleeping seven. This product has made a world of difference."

- By Mary on August 31, 2011


"This is the exact same product as Enzymatic Therapy's "Sleep Tonight", except it is more expensive. I don't see the "Sleep Tonight" being sold on Prime right now, but one can get it from iherb with free three day shipping, or amazon third party sellers that even with added shipping, are still cheaper than this version. Some of the third party shippers have free shipping on this product.

Folks looking to lower their cortisol may also want to check out a product called "Seriphos", also sold on amazon. Its cheaper than both Coritsol Manager and Sleep Tonight, and does not contain the herbs or the L-theanine that some need to avoid. The Seriphos seems to be a lot more effective/potent, so care should be taken to not reduce cortisol levels too much when using it.

"Seriphos: Phosphorylated Serine is the active form of the nutrient Phosphatidyl Serine (found in some foods such as egg yolks) that is chelated with magnesium and calcium. This is one of the factors that makes Seriphos unique. Many competitors use the inactive form, Phosphatidyl Serine, as opposed to the active Phosphorylated Serine. If you choose one of the other products, its potency will rely on the efficiency of your digestive tract. Since Seriphos uses the active form, your body has less work to do before reaping the benefits."

- By Claire Burke on November 10, 2013